Volkswagen Polo launched with a new 1.0 L engine in India

Volkswagen Polo as you know it, is a hatchback which was launched in India around the year 2009-2010. That time, it was like, “Oh man! You own a Volkswagen! Dude you’re cool!” as Volkswagen was sold has high end vehicles like Passat or Jetta. But the Polo when introduced in India, it was a big success.

It was first launched with 2 engine options: a 1.2 L 3-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine (named MPI) which produced 75 hp / 110 Nm output and a 1.2 L 3-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine (named TDI) which produced 75 hp / 180 Nm output. Sometime later a 1.6 L 4-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine producing 105 hp / 153 Nm output was introduced but it was discontinued due to low sales (seriously I prefer that engine) or high pricing. Soon, a 1.2 L 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine (named TSI) producing 103 hp / 175 Nm which is still a superb engine of choice. The best part is this engine was mated to a 7-speed Dual Clutch Automatic (DSG) gearbox which made it even better! The rest of the engines were mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The 1.2 L 3-cylinder TDI diesel engine was discontinued and replaced with a 1.5 L  4-cylinder TDI producing 90 hp / 230 Nm output which was the best choice for diesel. And now the time has come for the 1.2 L 3-cylinder MPI petrol engine!

The 1.2 L 3-cylinder MPI petrol engine is replaced with a 1.0 L 3-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine (again MPI) producing 75 hp / 95 Nm output. When you read this statement you’ll be like “Wait, what! 1.2 L to 1.0 L??” That was my reaction too. How could VW do this! I was expecting if they brought this 1.0 L petrol engine, it should be turbocharged or mated to some automatic gearbox but no! This engine is again mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The best part is this engine is BS-VI emission norms ready. The only concern is this engine is not yet tried and tested in India which means how will this engine respond to the fuel quality in India.

Similar to the Polo, the Volkswagen Ameo which is powered by the same 1.2 L 3-cylinder petrol engine will be replaced with this 1.0 L 3-cylinder engine.

The pricing of Polo and Ameo will remain the same as it was when these cars were powered by a 1.2 L 3-cylinder engine.


Image source: Autocar India

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