Shoulder surfers spying your phone? Google’s AI to the rescue!

Have you ever wondered how it feels like when you’re doing something on your phone and someone is spying your privacy by peeping behind you?

I have felt this a lot! Especially in India, when you’re travelling by train, we always have a tendency to look into what other people are up to. It’s that we don’t keep doing our work but try and get our noses in other people’s matters.

Well, I think we got too much diverted into something…😂😂

Coming back to this, so if you talk in technical terms, say a problem definition, we can say that when you’re performing some tasks on your smartphone, like maybe talking to your better half, or accessing Facebook or Instagram, etc. there are people who try to peep into your phone to see what you’re up to. These people can be your friends who are fooling around with you trying to peep or can be strangers who have nothing to do hence start peeping into what you’re doing.

Haven’t you ever wondered that there should be some solution to avoid this kind of exploiting privacy of a person?

Well! Get ready as there’s a solution that has been discovered!

So two researchers from Google AI team, Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff have developed a software which had been implemented on a Google Pixel Smartphone. This software uses the front facing camera and AI eye detection mechanism of Google Pixel smartphone and is able to tell whether there is any person trying to spy into your phone. The software works in such a way that it takes just two milliseconds to detect a stranger’s gaze, and 47 milliseconds to recognise a face. It also takes 115 milliseconds to detect a face in each frame. If the software algorithm detects any spying activity, a red bounding box is placed around the stranger’s face, and a stream of rainbow vomit appears to flow out the stranger’s mouth and a message flashes saying: “A STRANGER IS LOOKING ALERT!!!”

Seriously, awesome!!!

As far as the sources say, there are currently no papers published by the developers about this project. Also, the developers will be presenting their idea at Neural Information Processing Systems Conference in California next month.

There is also no news whether this software will make way to the wider market of smartphones.

So here’s a video on how this mechanism works.

What do you think of this software? Let me know in the comments below!


Article sources: Android Authority, ZDNet, The Register

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