MON-K Launches SECURE-K OS Personal Worldwide on 28th May, 2018

Mon-K Data Protection EU (pronounced Mon-Key), the pioneering manufacturer of portable, simple, and reliable
Secure-K Enterprise & DigitalArx, a company based in Italy is now launching its e-commerce worldwide for making Secure-K OS Personal available to buy online – for everyone, everywhere, always!

Mon-K is an Italian/English company; with strong points innovation and game changing. The company, which takes pride in creating one-of-a-kind cyber-security products for both enterprise and consumers, will allow their consumers to buy easily from their official website.

By introducing e-commerce, Mon-K looks towards making its reach easier for the consumers; as transactions & delivery are now done easier and faster. Fitted in a robust USB drive, Secure-K OS Personal provides an extremely secure operating system, an OS, which can work on any computer without leaving a trace!

Since it’s a Linux-based operating system, the hardware requirements are minimal. Any obsolete PC can become functional again!


  • Complete anonymity on the Internet?
  • Access the deep web, in a safe way?
  • Total privacy in your communications, videos & private chats?
  • Protection for your most intimate pictures, from prying eyes?
  • Keeping your data safe?
  • Certainly that your e-mails are not stolen or read by unauthorized people?
  • Safety while operating on your online banking account?



  • Failing to protect your safety?
  • Virus, spyware, malware or other malicious software to your computer?
  • Someone who steals your precious work?
  • Losing your files beyond repair?
  • Surfing certain website?


Secure-K OS Personal is the one-stop solution for all your cyber-security worries. Mon-K realises the urge of experiencing complete anonymous Internet browsing and hence bring to you a solution, which can let you browse the Internet freely and securely!

This product contains all that you would need for work and leisure. From office documents editor, to PDF viewer, to image viewer to, audio & video player! You name it and Secure-K OS Personal has it. You don’t have to worry while sharing your sensitive data through e-mails, as this innovative solution keeps them encrypted and with utter security for you.

If you want to exchange sensitive information, there is a complete set of encrypted communication tools that will allow you to expand the boundaries of your privacy. Not just that, thanks to DigitalArx, Mon-K professional File Sync
& Share, get encrypted backup and restore of your data, in case of theft/loss; recover all your information within minutes – without the help of any technical personnel.

You can find Secure-K OS Personal in 3 different versions

  1. Secure-K OS Personal – Hardware Edition: it comes already deployed on a high-end encrypted USB drives in different sizes. Perfect for less technical people who doesn’t want to setup their own USB drive.
  2. Secure-K OS Personal – Software Edition: a downloadable version of the system that can be easily setup on any good quality USB drive.
  3. Secure-K OS Personal – Lite Edition: a freely downloadable Lite version of the Secure-K OS Personal
    with limitations on some features.


About Mon-K

Mon-K Data Protection EU is a private Italian and British technological Scaleup company based in Milan and London. It was founded in England in 2016 based on an idea of Gianfranco Ilacqua and Paolo Ferrari – two entrepreneurs who were born in Italy but gained experience and studied at an international level – with the aim of creating technological solutions capable of protecting and encrypting data and information. It currently offers three solutions: Secure-K Enterprise Edition and DigitalArx are for large companies requiring high standards of reliability and security for their data. Secure-K OS Personal Edition, is dedicated to the Consumer market with a predominantly online sales model.

Your privacy is our priority!

For more information, please visit the following pages:

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