How to use EaseUS Data Recovery Software

There are many software to recover your files; which are lost due to corruption of disk or maybe accidental deletion of files.

One of the best software I have used is EasUS Data Recovery Pro.

With this software I have been able to find my lost files.

Just recently, I had connected my external hard drive to one computer to transfer some files. When I connected that same hard drive to my computer I could not find the files I had transferred. Then what I did is made use of this software and recovered my data.

To use the software, it is very easy.

To download the software, click here. This is a paid software.


Steps to use the software:

1) Launch the software. You will see the home screen. In the home screen you have options to select your file type. Select your file type and click Next.


2) You will see that in the second page you have to select the drive you wish to recover. In this case I have selected KINGSTON (F:) . If you don’t see your drive click that small Refresh icon to refresh.


3) Once you’re done selecting the drive click the Scan button.



4) The scanning process starts. This is a quick scanning process, In this only the big and important files what the software thinks are shown.



5) By chance you find your file to be recovered, check that file and click the Recover button. In this case I would like to recover the folder ASHWIN.



6) On clicking the Recover button, a dialog box appears showing the directories. Choose a directory to recover your file.



7) In case you do not find your file in this quick scan process, you can opt for the Deep Scan process by clicking the Deep Scan button. Depending upon the size of your drive, the deep scan process might take some time. For me, scanning a hard drive of 1TB took 7 hours.



8) Congratulations! You have been able to recover your files successfully!!


To know more, refer this YouTube video by Techie Paddy

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