Getting Spam Calls claiming from National Child Relief Services

So it was yesterday afternoon that I got a call from a lady saying, “Hello sir, I am calling from National CRS. Can I speak to you for two minutes?”. So I got an initial thought thinking, “Okay, so lemme hear out what she is saying then let me decide whether it is fake or not.”

So the conversation is as follows:

Lady: Sir, we just need two minutes of your time to make a donation
Me: About what?
Lady: Sir, there’s a 2 year old child who needs to be operated immediately and we would like you to help.
Me: How can I help?
Lady: Sir, we want you to make an online donation to our relief funds.
Me (acting as if I am busy): Well, I am not in town and where I am I do not have internet access to make any donations or anything.
Lady: Sir not a problem, we also have offline donation access.
Me: I just told I don’t have any access to any area and you expect me to make a donation somehow?
Lady: Sir, please try to understand, the life of the child can be saved.
Me (wanting to cut the phone): Let’s see.
Lady: We are sending you our details. Go to a nearby ICICI Bank and our volunteer will be there to guide you to make a transaction.
Me: Okay, I am now hanging up as I am busy.
(and kept the phone)


So I didn’t bother at all.

This morning I got a call from a guy from the same organisation


Man: Sir, I am calling from National CRS
Me: Yes go on.
Man: Sir, our volunteer had just contacted you yesterday and hope you received the details.
Me: I had mentioned I was out of town and I am busy! Don’t you get it?
Man: So sorry to disturb you but please try to make a donation.
Me: Let’s see
Man: Thank you so much. Sorry for disturbing again.


This call made me go on the web and search for National CRS. What I found was shocking! Refer the screenshot below!

I went on reading the article and it was freaking shocking!

Refer the link of that article:

I am also attaching the screenshots of the truecaller searches of the numbers from where I received calls and also the bank account details SMS which I received.


Please be safe and if you get something like this, don’t hesitate to report or block!


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