AnyTrans Application review: Should you use?

Almost all of us are now iPhone or iPad users. Apple every year launches new iPhones in the market and attracting customers to buy their newer model iPhones. Let’s say I have an iPhone 5S and I wish to upgrade to iPhone 7. Apple doesn’t provide a file manager by which you can copy data from your old iPhone and shift it into a new iPhone.

I know people say that iTunes is there where we can back up everything and shift our data into a new iPhone. But what if there are some things which cannot be transferred? Maybe due to an older version of iOS? That’s where I discovered this very application by iMobie named AnyTrans!

So what is this application? How is it useful? Is it any good? I’ll be answering all that in this blog!

What is AnyTrans?

AnyTrans is a tool by iMobie which helps carrying out tasks for iOS users. It can be related to shifting from Android to iPhone or managing your data on your current iPhone or cloning your old iPhone to a new iPhone and so on. This software is for both Windows and Mac. The links will be given at the end of the blog.

How is it useful?

This software gives you the following functionalities:

Home Screen of Application displaying shortcuts
Some more functionalities
Android to iOS Mover
Manage you iCloud Data
iPhone backup explorer
Media Downloader
View iTunes songs
































































Is it any good? Should you use it?

Well, as per my experience, I didn’t face any issue. One thing was that when I was transferring old SMS from my old iPhone 4S to my new iPhone 5S, I saw that the process was complete, and the phone restarted. On checking I found that the old SMS had been placed on the top and the already SMS present in the new iPhone was pushed downwards making me worried initially. But after one more restart it was back to normal. It may be some iOS glitch but I then came to a conclusion that this wasn’t caused by AnyTrans.

So considering the above points about features and issues, you must go for this software if you’re an iOS user.


AnyTrans Homepage:

Download AnyTrans:

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