2017 Ford Ecosport: My Review!

Ford unveiled it’s face-lifted Ford Ecosport in the month of November 2017.

So it was first launched in India I think in the year 2014 and this year it has got its first face lift. So I took a test drive of this car and in this post I present my opinion!


Starting with the dimensions, length of this car is 3998 mm, the width of this car is 1765 mm and the height of this car is 1647 mm. The wheelbase is 2519 mm and the ground clearance of this car is around 200 mm. There are no changes in the dimensions of this vehicle from the previous model. So its a good dimension car. Not too big, not to small.

Talking about the looks of the car, if you compare the old Ecosport to the new Ecosport, you will notice the biggest change which is in the front. Instead of the old boring look of the Ecosport in it’s first generation, the new look is quite striking. The new look can make people turn heads to look at the car. A wide grill in the front which is inspired from it’s older sibling, the Ford Endeavour. You get new refurbished headlights with day time running lights. The turn indicators have been moved from the headlamps to the fog lamps housing along with thee fog lamps.

The side profile and the rear profile remains the same as the previous generation. If you look closely at the rear profile closely, you will notice that the spare tire has no cover (you have to pay extra for the cover) and you observe the rear reverse light shapes to be different.

The boot volume of this car remains the same i.e. 352 litres with the back seats upright. You will get more space to store your stuff once you fold down the seats.

You now have options of 15″, 16″ or 17″ wheels depending on model of the vehicle.


Step inside and you’ll notice; hey! the interior’s changed too! You get a more plush and premium feel to the interior of this vehicle. On the centre dashboard you will notice a huge display which varies in size depending from model to model. The display is well equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Parking Camera, Bluetooth, etc.

The A/C vents which were on the top in the previous vehicle have now been placed at the bottom below the infotainment screen. You have now a good looking dashboard in this vehicle. You also get leather seats which is kinda first-in-class in this segment. Wow!

Getting inside isn’t an issue at all. You’ve got plenty of space at the front for the driver and the passenger. At the back, I felt for a car in this segment, you’ve got okay-ish legroom but a good headroom. For three people it might get little cramped. There are no A/C vents at the rear which I think Ford should have provided for this price. The window is also quite large enough and you don’t get that claustrophobic effect in it. What I didn’t like is the huge A-Pillar in the front as it can obstruct driving visibility. Also, you get good visibility up ahead.

Oh, by the way, something which will excite Indians is the ambient lighting. This is found in the front foot boards both driver and passenger. You also have an option to change colours for this ambient lighting.


Let’s start with the infotainment screen. As mentioned above with the features, it’s quite a good infotainment system. The touch screen is responsive and you also have features like Valet Mode where you can enable it with a password which you can set and then no one will be able to use the climate control or music system etc. which I feel is a requirement in every car. It misses out on Navigation which you can use from your smartphone using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Looking at the instrumental cluster or the speedometer part, you will observe that it is too plain for a car like this. A small MFD is situated in between speedometer and tachometer showing all functions, but I felt that it could have been bigger. The best part is you do get Tire Pressure Monitoring System which is first-in-class too! Awesome Ford!

Also you do get ABS and 2 Airbags as standard, but opt for the top model and Ford throws in 6 Airbags! Other features like Traction Control, Electronic Brake Distribution, etc are present too.

Also features like key-less entry, start-stop button is also equipped with this vehicle. One more new addition which is only in the top model is the Cruise Control. Good going on the features Ford.


I drove the Ecosport which debuts a new 1.5 L 3-Cylinder Naturally Aspirated Petrol Engine producing power of 123 ps @ 6500 rpm and torque of 150 Nm @ 4500 rpm, which Ford calls the Dragon Engine. You also get two transmission options with this engine i.e. a 5-Speed Manual and a 6-Speed Automatic Gearbox. You also have the same 1.5 L 4-cylinder Diesel Engine producing power of 100 ps @ 3750 rpm and Torque of 205 Nm @ 1750 – 3250 rpm, which gets carried over from the previous Ecosport. Sadly, Ford has discontinued the 1.5 L 4-Cylinder VCT Petrol engine and 1.0 L EcoBoost Engine (don’t know why) so you do miss out on the turbocharged EcoBoost Engine. Also this time they have also switched the 6-Speed Dual Clutch Automatic Gearbox with a 6-Speed Torque Converter Automatic Gearbox. I’m glad Ford took this step of changing transmission type as some of you might be aware of the failing Ford DCT gearboxes.  I got into the 6-Speed Automatic Gearbox equipped Ecosport.

Start up the car and you’ll be greeted by the traditional 3-cylinder engine sound. You do get vibrations on the steering wheel and the interior of this 3-cylinder engine. Ford could have done a better job by reducing the vibrations of this vehicle. As I kept on driving, I noticed that the suspension is quite stiff. Maybe Ford might have stiffened up the suspension to control body roll of this vehicle. Anyways, the engine ain’t punchy at all! I was very disappointed. A direct injection or a turbocharged engine would have done better than this engine. The power delivery band is quite linear of this car which is quite good, but initial pickup is bad. You will need to rev this engine more. This engine is free revving no doubt, but Ford could have done well for this engine. The transmission being a torque converter felt jerky. You do get Paddle Shifts which you can use for manoeuvring quick overtakes. Overall, not impressed with the petrol engine. If you still wish to opt for the petrol engine, maybe try opting for the manual transmission variant.

I haven’t driven the diesel variant of this vehicle, but I have seen YouTube videos about people reviewing the diesel variant and they’ve given good reviews about this diesel engines. Still if you want  you can take a test drive of the diesel variant.

Talking about fuel efficiency, you get around 15 – 17 kmpl for Petrol and 23 kmpl for Diesel (all claimed figures) which is quite good.


The car is a good package for a good price. Come on it’s cheaper than a Hyundai Creta and offers more features than a Hyundai Creta (talking only about the automatic variant) and Ford has done a good job by pricing at a lower price which might attract buyers. But I feel that if you will be planning to upgrade to the new Ecosport, maybe go for the diesel engine variant, that’s just my opinion, but the petrol variant is also good enough for you, you can go for it. There are no such flaws with this vehicle as such but I feel that Ford could have done better with its new petrol engine.

Click here to download the brochure of the new Ecosport


All Prices are Ex-Showroom prices according to details I got. Prices may vary according to cities)


Ford Ecosport Ambiente (MT): ₹ 7.31 Lakhs

Ford Ecosport Trend (MT): ₹ 8.05 Lakhs

Ford Ecosport Trend Plus (AT): ₹ 9.34 Lakhs

Ford Ecosport Titanium (MT): ₹ 9.18 Lakhs

Ford Ecosport Titanium Plus (AT): ₹ 10.99 Lakhs


Ford Ecosport Ambiente (MT): ₹ 8.02 Lakhs

Ford Ecosport Trend (MT): ₹ 8.71 Lakhs

Ford Ecosport Trend Plus (MT): ₹ 9.11 Lakhs

Ford Ecosport Titanium (MT): ₹ 9.86 Lakhs

Ford Ecosport Titanium Plus (MT): ₹ 10.67 Lakhs

MT – Manual Transmission                AT – Automatic Transmission

Images Source: Car Dekho

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